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Wolves coach Nuno Espirito Santo and West Ham assistant Alan Irvine raised concerns about how long it will take to get Covid test results.

Both clubs reported delays in obtaining results due to busy laboratories. vao fun88 And they both explained that their sides can start the matches without knowing if any of their players have coronavirus or not. Fun88

Nuno said: “It is very difficult to prepare and plan.
""It's been tough for us, you have to test - we checked today - and we don't know the results. We're preparing for Sunday's game and very nervous about the final result, Can you use a player? right?

”It is difficult to prepare and plan.

""The faster test results will be of great help to all the teams so we can go on without having these problems.""

West Ham's preparations for their third Carabao Cup match against Hull were in turmoil just over an hour before the game kicked off as manager David Moyes, on the fun88 defender Issa Diop and midfielder Josh Cullen were reported that they had tested positive again.

After that, they had to live in isolation.

""Usually the test results are very quick, but the labs are having trouble because of the number of tests they have to do for people outside of football,"" Irvine said.

""It's a situation out of our control. We'll be tested next Monday and we have a game against Everton on Wednesday, so yes, we can find ourselves in. The situation came to Everton without knowing the test results. ""

Irvine confirmed West Ham had been notified of the active testing at 18:20 BST on Tuesday, 70 minutes before the game started. Moyes, Diop and Cullen were immediately transported to the quarantine room before they got home, where they had to stay until October.

It was a shock,” said Irvine. “And a terrible time to find out.

I would have imagined it going to be looked at but obviously never had a situation where we got into such a game before and unfortunately, that is the first time someone has tested positive.

The fact is that it takes longer to get results. We checked back on Wednesday and the final results are available on Friday morning. I am trying to plan my practice on Thursday night knowing that I can get a call at any time to say some players have not passed to enter. 

Moyes is still in power - Irvine
Moyes will have to stay at home against Wolves on Sunday, plus returning Next week to his old club. He was unable to speak to his players, even though the message was passed through Irvine and his fellow coaches.

And, while exact details of his involvement in both games are still to be determined, Irvine said that his colleague Scot will certainly be in charge.

On Thursday, as a group of coaches, we did what we always did; sat down and looked at the opposition details. David joined us by video call. We can stop the video and discuss all the different points, so it's pretty like he's in the room, ”he said.

We'll be looking at the best way to do it for him to get in touch with us throughout the game. It all happened too late the night before for us to sort things out.

often sit on the stands for better visibility and bench exposure. I would imagine it would reverse that. I don't think I can be called the caretaker manager - I'm just the one who will stand by the side of the yard. Fun88

West Ham can only hope short-term measures work as they are still looking for the first point after defeats against Newcastle and Arsenal in their opening two games.

Their next four Premier League rivals follow. This weekend is Leicester, Tottenham, Manchester City and Liverpool.

Last season we played in games that we dominated but failed to score goals, it was annoying, said England midfielder Declan Rice told BBC Radio 5 Live.

hen this season we played well against Arsenal but they had two shots and scored two goals. They are small performers.

We have a great squad. We know the first two results are not the best but we are all positive and ready.

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