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Before success, after failure. In the past few years, before I had the current betting system, my sports book Fun88 betting career was in decline. I lost more bets than I won, and bets I won through pure chance had a very low payout so I barely made any money from my original bet.

But through careful research, educating yourself about the art of betting, the different types of bets, spreads, cash flow, favorites, underdogs, handicap and all the rest, fun88 dang I tried to flatten that decline, and eventually it became an uptrend as my Fun88 sports betting gradually turned into profit.

So what is the secret? Well, there are a few basic rules that you should base on your Fun88 sports betting decisions.

# 1 - Be patient. You cannot and won't win every game you bet. The 100% win rate is clearly the holy grail of sports bettors, but let's face the truth and accept the fact that it won't happen. Sports betting is betting on the chance to lose with payout and that takes time to master.

Sports betting is like tournament poker, it is all about a long game. You can lose a bet or two, but as long as the overall trend is bullish, you win. So don't be disappointed if you lose a few bets, and don't let that affect your decision making. fun88 login Be patient, diligent and bet wisely according to your system, and victory will come.

# 2 - Value. Your sports book bet should always be of good value, based on what you think about the odds of the outcome. For example, if you think a team's win rate is 4: 1, you shouldn't bet on odds below any odds or you are losing value. (This is also an important part of poker ... funny how these similarities form, right?)

Before you search for odds and start betting with sports books, Decide what value you're looking for and bet only when you find it. A lot of people think Fun88 sports betting is simply about picking winners, but in reality getting good value is something that takes a long time to master.

# 3 - Easy choice. No doubt, please choose favorites. They are loved for one reason: because they are more likely to win. Despite the lower payouts (for less risk), betting on favorites can help you maintain a more steady win rate and increase your overall season performance. fun88 login However, don't worry too much, favorites can be beaten and not always won. Make sure to thoroughly review the game before you place your bet on your sports book.

Sports betting is a simple, fun, and easy way to earn tons of cash, but only if you have the right system - without it, you could lose everything you have.

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