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Roulette Odds for Beginners

Roulette is really all about numbers!

While we do this, limit the wheel to only 36 numbers (1-36), we can return to zero later.

With one chip your slots online bet can include 1,2,3,4,6,12 or 18 numbers. When you cover fewer than 18 numbers, the numbers will be contiguous on the board layout (not on the wheel). Slots online bet on 18 numbers that can be adjacent (1-18), same color (Red or Black), or odd / even.

The easiest way to handle roulette odds is to think you are paid for the number of numbers not covered! It sounds crazy, but that's how it works.

If you put a chip on a number, you'll get paid for 35 numbers that you didn't include (as long as your number is in there, of course). 35 divided by 1, easy right?

The number you calculate will always be your winnings.

Likewise, if you include 18 numbers, you are paid for 18 numbers that you did not include. 18 divided by 18 = 1/1, you slots online bet a chip, you get paid one more chip.

As another example, you play three numbers in a row. That means you don't play 33 numbers so 33/3 = 11/1, you will get paid 11 for every chip you play. If you get that, you're up and running.

Now let's upgrade it a bit, activate that gray matter. If you play more than one chip, you will be paid the same for each chip on your winning slots online bet. So 5 chips (or a $ 5 chip) consisting of four numbers is paid 32/4 = 8/1, multiplied by 5. So if you play a four-digit hand and you win, you get pay 40 dollars.

For each winning slots online bet, the winnings are added up to the total amount of your payout.

So, for example, you have one chip for the winning number and each chip for winning slots online bets four and two numbers. The calculation would be 35 + 8 + 17 (34/2 = 17/1) for a total of 60.

Your slots online bet can be as simple or complex as you like and the same idea applies.

So now ... if you slots online bet on every possible combination for a particular number and it shows up - you're laughing to the bank. You don't need the dealer to tell you, that's A LOT!

... but for those who want to train morale ...

Let's say the winning numbers are 29:

Black, Odd and High (19-36) are paid with "even money" for each chip played.
You get 2/1 for the middle column and the last tens (12/24 = 2/1). So you win four
There are two slots online bets consisting of 6 numbers, each payout (30/6 = 5/1). You get 10 for these.
A slots online bet consists of three numbers, you get 11 for that.
Four slots online bets consist of four numbers, each pay 8, you get 32 ​​for those numbers.
Four slots online bets consist of two numbers, each paying 17, you get 68 for those numbers.
And a slots online bet covers 29 itself, you get 35 for that.
So if my brain serves me well, the slots online bets on the layout pay 156, you get four more for the odds of 1/2 and an extra three for equal chance.

If all of your chips have the same value, you will be paid 163 of them. And if it's your first slots online bet, top up and treat yourself to a good meal and a glass of sparkling (or two if the odds double).

The zeros

It's been easy so far, and it's still that easy! You already know what you will get paid, and you have enough information to start playing.

Don't get confused with the zero (s), it's just an extra number for which you don't get paid. So it doesn't change anything regarding the odds. Fun88 It's called "House Number" not because it's zero, but because it's 37th (or 38th in a two-zeros slots online game) and you are paid 36.

That means billions the odds are actually a bit higher than we discussed, but since you are only paid 36, AND this is just a beginner's guide, don't worry, it's a worldwide roulette slots online game .

If you want a little secret ... an even chance is the best slots online bet, because when zero comes, you lose only half.

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