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1. Don't force your luck when you are not needed. If early in a deep tournament, simply don't put yourself in a position where it takes luck to win. Especially in a deep ranked tournament, skillful players will be able to find situations where the outcome is predicted based on their skill (cheats, cheats, readings, whatever). not luck. This is why you hear top gurus say over and over that they won't get busted anytime soon with any hands except aces. They especially have hands like the AK, which look great, but usually need to be on the right side of the coin flip to win a large pot. Supporters hate tossing coins early in tournaments. They don't want to be lucky to survive, not when simply not participating will end up with the same outcome. Fun88 2. Plan ahead for the luck you get. There are many instances where certain "unlucky" cards come out of the deck - unlucky in the sense that they don't help you. But if you plan for those unfortunate outcomes, you can often turn them to your advantage. We call these cards ghost cards - cards that will help your hand if, in fact, you have that hand.


To use a play, you just need to look at a straight two or two card and tell yourself that if a combination card comes up in the turn you will bet it as if you owned it. Against the right opponent (the one who will draw you and insist on not paying you), you could put the wrong card at a ripe chance to grab the pot. Fun88 3. Take the chance out of the picture. Make people hurry Fun88. That way, no matter what the next card. This is why strong players play aggressively: so the strength of their stakes, not the power of luck, determines the outcome. I find that when I'm really into my game, I'm not particularly lucky - because I'm playing so overwhelming I really don't need any luck. Remember: If it all folds, you don't have to be lucky to win. 4. Deal with it. Bad luck comes. It happens to you, me, and every other poker player in the world, just like it happens to slots players and attracts players and other gamblers alike. But we poker players know that our decisions are important, and one important decision is, "What are you going to do next?" If you let bad luck turn into a bad game, you multiply and exaggerate its negative effects. If you can avoid bad results, and maintain your mindset, then you have a chance to reduce your bad luck and see yourself to win. Fun88 In every poker tournament, really any poker game anywhere, some very talented players have lots of bad luck and go bankrupt, while some less talented players are very talented. luck and believe they are better than them. Eventually, like water, they will all find their level. Strong players will recover and weak players will be broken. In the long run, after all, everyone is equally fortunate: It is the way you deal with the luck you get that makes the difference in the end.


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